The Graco Benton is the best baby cribs to buy with an extremely convenient 4-in-1 conversion and an exceptionally cheap price compared to the quality it brings. In this Graco Benton convertible crib review, we will brief you on what this product can provide and why it is necessary for your baby.

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Graco Benton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

” A compact, versatile, high-quality crib at an affordable price”

Product highlights:

  • Made of high-quality pine wood
  • 3-position adjustable mattress support
  • Converts into a daybed, toddler bed, and full-size bed
  • JPMA certified and meets or exceeds all applicable ASTM and CPSC safety standards

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Graco Benton 4 In 1 Convertible Crib Reviews

Advantages and disadvantages


This is such a durable bed for babies that you can use for up to decades without having to worry about its quality going downhill. Besides, its price is extremely reasonable compared to the experience this crib can bring to your family, not to mention its high level of safety. With the moderate size of the Graco Benton, you can flexibly use it for both spacious and restricted areas in a relatively reasonable way.

As a crib with a convertible tablet, this product has several advantages as follows:

Your space savings are quite substantial

This is certainly obvious. The attached change table can almost replace the role of a wardrobe. So, instead of in the past in the room needing a cupboard to store baby items and clothes, it is now unnecessary. This is even more meaningful for families with limited space

Affordable in the long run

Integrating a diaper changing table like this will help homeowners save a lot of money compared to investing in another separate cupboard. And if you know how to arrange it correctly, this attached cabinet can still ensure children’s space when it grows up.

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Simplify cleaning

Having to clean babies has been a nightmare for many young mothers. However, with the Graco Benton integrated with a changer, you can take advantage of its drawers to hold the essential items. Since then, things are no longer messy but only focus on a small corner.


Although the manufacturer has tried to optimize this product’s design, there are still some minor flaws. The most obvious one is the screw holes, which are hardly well covered, reducing this crib’s overall aesthetics significantly. Plus, the topcoat does not appear to be of the highest quality as it is susceptible to peel and scratch.



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Ability to convert

This crib allows users to convert it into several different forms, as below.

  • Bed for toddlers
  • Bed
  • A large bed with a bed head and legs.
  • A large bed without barrier

So that it can be transformed into a sleeping area for toddlers, Graco has created a larger bed surface by designing the front railing of the crib lower than usual to increase your child’s standing reflex. Besides, the height of the mattress is also shortened to the lowest level to improve safety for children when sleeping as well as playing. Therefore, parents can leave their kids alone in the bed without supervision to attend to their own business for a while.

However, if you are not confident enough to remove the railing, the manufacturer has specially designed a set of barriers with a lower height. Of course, you will have to purchase this kit separately. However, this accessory price is not high, and sometimes it is also free in many promotions of the company.

For the quickest transition, some parts are designed to be customized from a baby cot to a large bed – without a rail. Specifically, the rails at both ends of the crib will act as the Headboard / End of the Bed. The front and rear crib rails will act as a nice headboard or/and legroom during the final transition into a full-sized adult bed.

Convertible crib with changing table

This is a convertible crib, but with a built-in changing table. This extra feature makes the cot that allows it to hold a large number of diapers and clothes and ensures growth for many years. Other items that can be placed in it are blankets, mattress pads, nursing pillow covers, and baby clothes.

Although the initial cost of purchasing a cot with this changing table is more expensive than that of a standard crib. However, compared to you have to go buy a separate cabinet to store things, it is much cheaper.

Technical Specifications

This crib’s overall dimensions and weight are 56.7 “L x 29.8” W x 40.5 “H and 42 pounds, respectively. As mentioned earlier, the Benton is a crib of that size, so your child will have sufficient space to sleep and play in. In short, this crib is essentially more compact than other choices because of the minimalist frame design.

The height of the crib is also a remarkable point. While the manufacturer did not give a specific height of the arch and fence, customer feedback said that the size of the fence was short enough for them to easily insert the baby inside.

The rails of the crib are relatively straight, and their number is equal on all four sides. The back also has a neoclassical rainbow design with an extremely solid frame. Another special feature is that its dome is usually much higher from the front to form a full bed and is easy to remove when needed.

Like many beds for babies on the market, the Benton is composed of New Zealand pine, the best wood for crib making. The reason is that pine wood always has better strength and durability than other woods. Most importantly, the manufacturer has molded this crib monolithic to increase its durability.

Why Parents Love Benton crib?


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Essentially, many parents choose the Benton brand for some distinct benefits it offers. As mentioned, this crib is sustainable and is of the right size, so they can let their children use it for 2-3 years without having to change to another one. Moreover, the affordable price for relatively good quality is also a huge advantage and attracts the attention of many young parents who are not too financially abundant.


1. How long can this cradle be used?

This crib works well for kids whose height falls below 35 inches ( 20 months old). The maximum weight limit is 50 pounds, which is quite an impressive figure for a wooden crib.

2. Do I need to buy a toddler bed?

This is unnecessary as the Benton crib can be customized into a toddler bed with a few simple movements. Of course, you can purchase the additional accessories that the manufacturer provides for maximum safety.

3. Is the crib portable?

Thanks to its optimal weight, you can completely move it from room to room quite easily. However, you should also avoid moving it too often. This is because the screw joints can be loosened by doing so and affect the strength of the crib.

4. Does this crib have plenty of space for storage?

The height from floor to top of the mattress is about 6.5 inches, which is enough for it to fit into your attic or another storage area once you no longer need it.

5. Is it difficult to assemble a crib?

It’s fairly easy to set up and doesn’t require too much effort, so even a pregnant woman can do it on her own. However, assistance from another person with greater physical strength is recommended.


Above is our Graco Benton 4 In 1 Convertible Crib Reviews. In general, this product has all the factors appealing to all parents, such as affordable cost, durability, and convenience. We hope that after this article, you can have more useful information and can make choices suitable for your child and family’s conditions. Good luck!

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