Having a newborn is such a blessing. Everyone wants the best for their child for this exciting moment and one of the most important parts of the fun is planning for a lovely baby nursery.

The boho gender-neutral nursery theme is one of the most loved and trendy ones on the market these days, from the lovely cribs to room décor to all the accessories. Not only does it keep your baby comfortable, but this also creates the character of the babybaby room and makes the most of your space, so your bundle of joy can have the best of childhood.

Top 10 Stunning Ideas For Boho Gender-neutral Nursery

boho nursery wall decal

For parents who are fans of simplistic design and modern style, this room style might be for you. You can set the centerpiece of the room to be a busy symmetrical boho nursery wall decal. The simple pallet of boho style crib that is mixed between white and light brown is the perfect choice for a gender-neutral nursery like this, while the white color theme of the room broadens the space.

It would be a great combination with the simple yet elegant rug and some boho nursery accessories like the wall lamp and then, you have a room that will age well with the kid.

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boho nursery room

This style is an ideal choice for those who love the airy feeling in the boho nursery room. The warm color scheme can be started with a touch of the rounded boho style rug as the central piece. You can then add more warm-tone décor like a crib, some wall décors, and the natural material light and wooden hanger.

This goes well even with some modest spaces in your house by adding a few boho nursery mirrors to broaden the space! This style is tailored to make the kid feel the warmth and love of their parents.

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boho nursery room idea

Elements that can turn your space into a boho nursery room can come from the great use of plants, botanical pictures, wicker/wood furniture, more plants, and simple Aztec rugs. This style is as simple and gender-neutral as it can get; it goes well with parents who love the greenery.

You can start with the foundational piece like the plain light yellow crib. The theme goes well with the boho style by mixing harmoniously with some room décors like a simple texture rug, wall décor, and plants. The cactus decal on the wall is the bonus to add more character into the room.

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boho nursery accessories

This style is a choice for those who want to have a busy and cozy boho nursery room, with all the boho nursery accessories fitted in the room. Adding a simple style crib combining with the lovely textured rug, the room is filled with boho vibes. With the use of many natural materials, every child will fall in love with the cozy and nostalgic vibes of this vintage boho-styled baby room.

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boho animal nursery

Instilling a curiosity for a whole big world will never be too late to your little world-traveler! We love this fun space filled with the large wall decal with an image of large waves that inspire exploration.

Parents can add some accessories to the room to calm the theme, such as some room décor, a guitar, or even some boho animal nursery! This is designed for parents who want a baby room that’s homey with a sense of exploration!

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neutral boho nursery  

We love how this neutral boho nursery style gives you the instant vibe of relaxation and calm. The crib is a basic, comfortable, light brown wood, and what makes the room pop is the cool touch of the boho animal nursery rug. A simple crib mixes with boho nursery wall decals and some paintings and then you have a neutral-gender nursery every baby loves.  

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The combination of fun patterns and the pops of colors ensure that this nursery is extra kid-friendly. The large dresser is a convenient touch with an excellent all-in-one baby station, perfect for changing as well as storage for clothing, diapers, and toys.

To add up to space, you can choose to hang some wall décors with the theme of scenery and plants covered in a boho-style basket in the corner, which is a green contrast with the background’s warm touch wall. Mixing with wall décor and simple accessories, this might be a no-brainer for a small-space baby room.

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Boho printed accessories

One of the best ways to decorate a boho gender-neutral nursery is with a light tone color as the main theme. Who does not love a light tone boho nursery? But light tone can also be charming with the mix and match of boho nursery accessories like some animal friends and wall decors.

Boho printed accessories are a lovely way to add details to any nursery. Geometric prints (like triangles, rectangles, squares, etc) are amazing choices for gender-neutral styles. They are also incredibly economical as they can be reused in other rooms when your baby grows up. With a boho-style shelve, not only is it a modern nursery, this can be fun and lovely!

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boho nursery light

The thumb rule when creating a neutral-gender nursery room is to avoid using colors that are gender bias. Parents can create a wilderness retreat for you and your baby with this style by adding some bold color rug. We love the color combo between the busy rug and the light tone wall in the room.

Both baby boys and girls love this creative space, while some boho accessories will trigger their curiosity, like the boho nursery light, some boho nursery mobile, or some boho-style baskets. The plant and wall decor add interesting vibes and maintain the light, airy layout.

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boho nursery mirrors

Mixing with natural materials and accessories, this style at first glance might seem busy. Yet, it remains its interesting touch with the combination of the boho nursery crib, with some décor mixing with boho nursery mirrors of the moon and sun theme. Parents can be sure of the child’s curiosity about getting to know new things with this style.

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As trendy and stylish as it can get, the boho gender-neutral nursery style proves its uniqueness and child-friendliness to all parents. It helps to add more style to the nursery and still keeps the comfort every baby loves. If you are in love with this style, this list of top stunning nursery gets you the ideas to prepare the best for your angel.