Amongst lots of baby nursery décor, the baby girl boho nursery is one of the popular decorations that parents could create for their little princess. Looking back to the old days, designing a baby nursery is simply done with just a few pieces of wood or bamboo.

Nowadays, people pay attention to boho nursery ideas to make the best sophisticated and magnificent boho nursery bedding in the world. And, it is undoubtedly a super headache for parents to find the best design.

If you are stuck in this problem, let this post help you. What follows is the list of 10 special baby girl boho nurseries that we have collected. We believe this collection will make you fall in love at first sight.

Top 10 Baby Girl Boho Nursery Ideas

boho nursery hamper

The room is filled with white and light pink which is the symbol of the girl already. It is easily recognized that the joy and happiness that parents would like to bring for their babies.

The boho style is remarkable with the white wind chime. Those aim to scare away the evil spirits and produce the tones which calm the baby’s mind. With the wind chime, the tree leaf will slightly shake, which turns the baby’s room into a dreamy garden. A boho nursery hamper is super convenient to collect all the baby’s dirty clothes in a day.

However, I think it is better to move the tree a bit far away from the baby bed.  In case there is a leaf fallen, it could make the baby feel uncomfortable.

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boho nursery wallpaper

Not only decorated with the floral boho nursery wallpaper but also some green trees, a green eco-system is built in your baby room. Combined with the bamboo material, a rustic and eco-friendly room will provide an imaginary sleep for your little sweetheart.

Some dolls and cuddly toys will become the initial and inseparable accessory when they grow up. The soft cross-bar carpet is a wonderful playground when they want to discover their own sweet room.

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baby nursery chair

The above is a bold style for baby boho neutral nursery and simplicity. Typically, a car toy and a horse are symbols for boys only. However, in modern times, a girl could drive a car and ride a horse has become common.

This style is for parents who would like to encourage their little princess to become stronger. A baby nursery chair is set up in the room, which shows that parents would like to spend more time playing and taking care of their babies.

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Boho nursery furniture

According to Feng Shui, if you can’t sleep well, you could put a mirror in the bedroom, however, please pay attention to its position. The flower and green leaves decorated in the mirror also make a rustic decoration for the room.

Boho nursery furniture (such as the cabinet and a bag hanging on the wall) is convenient to store many baby accessories.

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boho nursery bedding

Boho nursery wall decor is full of big, brilliant bloomed flowers and green leaves with a nice fence. With moon boho nursery mobile and the floral boho nursery bedding, a peaceful and calming scene is designed for your lovely baby.

A hand-made pillow does give a simple look yet expressing the care of parents for their baby’s sleep. Additionally, a big wood stool set up as a table helps turn the nursery into a small garden room for your little princess.

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Boho nursery wall decor

For those who love minimalism, this setting will be the best choice. A high shelf for dolls and some small cuddly toys is the signature for this room. A monochrome cabinet and a baby rib play a part in this theme.

The baby crib is simply produced with just some straight pieces of wood. The most impressive decoration for this room is the multi-color and multi-shape carpet. In general, simplicity will be the ideal decoration for most parents to create the first life environment.

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boho nursery wallpaper

This well-equipped and decorated room will fit any baby girl in the world. The most remarkable decoration that must be listed is the 3-layer ample white ceiling light. The colorful boho nursery wallpaper and boho nursery bedding mix and match to create a harmonious scene.

Another attractive point of this décor style is the combination of slight colors (such as flamingo, baby blue, and white). This helps babies to improve their imagination of fairyland.

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boho nursery bedding

This decoration also remarks the minimalism. The designer only set the simple design and furniture in need for this room. You also could make use of the space to bring a small world for their babies. Only a lovely white dress is hung on, which shows the highlight for the room. Remember the simplicity will never be out of date.

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baby girl boho nursery

This baby girl boho nursery style can work well for both a little princess and a little boy. Well, I mean this style shows the equality between girls and boys. The pictures of animals have partly proven this style.

I am in favor of this decoration as I think it is better for gender equality. In the future, I would make use of this décor for my next baby to save on cost.

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boho nursery wallpaper

There are a variety of decorations in this room. Putting a plant in the baby’s room is an excellent way to bring better sleep for them. The big ceiling light and flower boho nursery wallpaper make a profound impression on us also. A small cabinet with open shelves is necessary to put on some daily and casual clothes. It will be a perfect room if the black bag is removed.

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Get Ready For A Boho Lover

We are delighted if those baby girl boho nursery ideas could offer your own baby’s room some suggestions. Of course, it will depend on the budget, taste, and desire of parents who would like to send their different messages to their little darling. Whatever style you choose, we, parents from all corners of the world, all hope for our babies’ dreams to come true and full of happiness in their future life.